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Performance Mgmt







"the HR business professional cannot be a traditional generalist.....must act as a broker of service, a consultant to the management team, and a superb facilitator of change, rather than a traditional H.R. manager."

 David Ulrich,
 Harvard Business School
  Performance management  - to deliver, using a performance management system, improvements to business performance.

Our approach is to simplify the process of Performance Management or Appraisal to ensure that firstly there is an understanding of the business objectives.

Secondly to ensure that staff understand “what is expected from them, how they are doing and how they can do better”.

Introducing or developing an Appraisal system needs commitment and support from the top, a clear linkage to the objectives of the organisation and a range of systems such as Communications, Job Descriptions, Reward, Recognition  to ensure that the climate for a constructive career dialog is created.

Supporting this approach is an understanding of the importance of Training and Development in ensuring that the Appraisal or Performance Management system is understood by all involved.

At Bob Cunningham Associates we ensure that the business environment is conducive to performance management by ensuring that the  HR infrastructure from Recruitment, Contract of Employment stage onwards is compliant, robust and relevant to your business.

Only then would an integrated Performance Management system be developed to meet the needs of your business.




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