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"the HR business professional cannot be a traditional generalist.....must act as a broker of service, a consultant to the management team, and a superb facilitator of change, rather than a traditional H.R. manager."

 David Ulrich,
 Harvard Business School
  Bob Cunningham Associates can provide dedicated professional support to your business, delivered in a cost effective manner, to help your business meet the needs of your customers through rapid innovation and continuous improvement.  This capitalises on the knowledge initiative and contribution of your staff. As with all such investments, this depends on customer driven thinking, through which the capacity and capability of your staff can be maximised through your strategic business leadership.

At BCA we believe in a business partnership model which itself needs full commitment, an understanding of each of the businesses we support, a realisation that our relationship may challenge and perhaps shape your business planning, and may generate cultural and change management issues.

BCA are able to provide analysis, investigation, reports, audits and solutions to a range of complex business problems.  Using the resources of a group of highly skilled and experienced Associates we are able to cover Health and Safety, Organisational, Development, Supervisory Management Development, Executive Recruitment, including Psychometric assessments, Food Technology, Purchasing/ Procurement, Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Supply Chain Logistics, Transportation and Distribution.



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